Custom Earplugs

Custom ear plugs are a comfortable solution for people looking to shield their ears from excessive noise, water, loud music, or even noisy snoring!

Made using soft medical-grade silicone, you get the very best in isolation and fit, allowing you to wear them for hours at a time without fatigue or discomfort. There is a large variety of options available to suit any situation, including removable filters with different levels of attenuation, connecting cords, hand grips and different colours. Our Audiologist can help you to decide which type and level of attenuation is right for you.

Please be aware that custom plugs are not guaranteed to reduce the ambient noise levels to any greater degree than a properly fitted foam earplug. They may, however, offer greater comfort, fit, reusability, attenuation control, and sound quality.

Types of custom earplugs

Industrial Noise Plugs

Custom noise plugs are available in up to 30-33dB (Class 5) attenuation to protect against loud sound. Options include solid plugs for maximum noise reduction, to filtered plugs that offer noise attenuation while maintaining clear sound quality for optimal communication and environmental awareness. For extremely high noise conditions, custom plugs may be worn under earmuffs. Specialist plugs for shooting and motorsports are also available.

Pictured: Pacific Ears Pro Plugs $299 (excl. optional connecting cord +$11)

Musicians Plugs

Musicians plugs are designed to provide hearing protection while preserving sound quality for music appreciation. Ideal for amplified musicians, DJ’s, vocalists, sound engineers, and concerts. Choose the level of protection required, up to 26dB.

Pictured: Pacific Ears Pro 17 modular musicians plugs $299 (clear/standard)

Swim Plugs

Swim plugs are perfect for keeping water out of the ear canal. Available in a solid style or filtered style for when situational awareness is required. Great for use during swimming, surfing or other water activities.

 Pictured: Pacific Ears SwimFit plugs $194 (excl. red & blue colour option +$7.50)
Sleep Plugs

Sleep plugs reduce noise like snoring and traffic noise substantially, while retaining the ability to hear the alarm clock or smoke alarm go off. Unlike foam plugs, these earplugs are low profile and don’t work their way out of your ears while sleeping.

Pictured: Pacific Ears SleepSound $199 (transparent yellow)

Sound good?

If this product feels right for you, please contact us to make an appointment for Ear Impressions.

If you can’t see the product you’re looking for, we may still be able to help you. We can work with a supplier of your choice or help you to source a product for a specific purpose. We are also happy to take impressions for you to send away for personal orders, such as for in-ear monitors and communication earpieces.