Financial Assistance

Before you book your appointment, it is important to assess whether you are eligible for any financial rebates or Government subsidies towards the cost of your hearing assessment or purchasing hearing aids.

Click the headings below for more information. If you believe you may be eligible for financial assistance from one or more of the below bodies, please ensure you confirm this prior to booking your appointment to avoid disappointment.

As of the 1st March 2023, Medicare rebates for hearing assessments are now available with a current referral from a Medical Practitioner (including a GP).

You can book a hearing assessment without a referral, but you will not be able to receive a rebate.

Hearing aids are not covered by Medicare.

The Australian government offers a Hearing Services Program which enables Pensioners and Veterans to access free hearing services and digital hearing aids through accredited providers such as Evergreen Audiology.

Eligible people are entitled to:

    • a free comprehensive hearing assessment
    • a choice of fully-subsidised hearing aids, *partially-subsidised ‘top-up’ hearing aids (upgraded technology), or assistive listening devices
    • subsidised hearing aid maintenance for a small annual fee, including batteries, repairs, and professional fine-tuning

* Most of the fully-subsidised hearing aids are basic technology, best suited to a quiet lifestyle. If you’re after aids with features to accommodate more challenging listening environments, you’ll have to pay your provider the difference between the cost of these ‘top-up’ aids and that of appropriate aids that could be fitted free.

To find out if you are eligible and apply for a Hearing Services Program Voucher, visit this link.

Veterans may be referred to an Audiologist for assessment of their hearing loss and/or tinnitus. Payment of these services is provided by DVA if you are provided with a written request for this service by a Claims Officer.

DVA clients may also be entitled to access the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (HSP) if they are:

    • the holder of a DVA Gold Card issued for all conditions
    • the holder of a DVA White Card issued for specific conditions that include hearing loss
    • the holder of a DVA Pensioner Concession Card or
    • a dependent or spouse of one of the above categories

Eligible DVA clients can also access some additional benefits within the HSP, including a range of assistive listening devices (ALDs) through the DVA Rehabilitation Appliances Program, tinnitus services, and fully-subsidised hearing aid maintenance and batteries.

For more information, visit this link.

This Health Funds Summary Booklet was prepared by Independent Audiologists Australia based on publicly available information.

Many health insurance extras policies will contribute to the cost of hearing aids; up to $1600 per person and depending on the policy. If you have “gap saver” on your policy, you may be able to allocate those funds towards your hearing aids.

Private Health Insurance policies are subject to change. Please contact your health fund for specific information about your specific policy and benefits you are entitled to.

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If you need some assistance determining your eligibility for a voucher or financial assistance, please contact us and we will do our best to get your questions answered.