Hearing Aid Prices

We are a proudly independent clinic, offering a broad selection of hearing aids from all leading hearing aid brands. We strive to make the best hearing technology affordable without compromising quality of care.

Our approach to providing you with great value for money is to minimise overhead clinic costs, pass manufacturer discounts on to the end-user, and unbundle ongoing care costs from the initial hearing aid purchase price. With this strategy, we can offer highly competitive prices on the latest hearing aids and you won’t pay up-front for services you may not use.

Hearing aid technology ranges from ‘basic’ to ‘premium’ across all hearing aid styles and brands. The sound processing features available in the higher technology levels cater towards increasingly demanding listening situations. The price you will pay for a certain device is largely determined by the technology level, but there are variations according to brand. If you are looking for a quote for a specific device, please contact us.



Engineered for people that need optimum performance in all environments, including those with higher levels of background noise.

Private price:
from $3500 (single)
or $6800 (pair)

HSP Voucher price:
from $2500 (each)



Great performance for busy people who enjoy a variety activities in environments with low-to moderate levels of background noise.

Private price:
from $2900 (single)
or $5600 (pair)

HSP Voucher price:
from $1900 (each)



Best suited to those who attend regular small group gatherings in environments with low levels of background noise.      

Private price:
from $2200 (single)
or $4200 (pair)

HSP Voucher price:
from $1200 (each)



Provides the essentials for someone with a calm lifestyle who mostly prefers quieter environments with one or two other people.

Private price:
from $1700 (single)
or $3200 (pair)

HSP Voucher price:
from $700 (each)

Old friends laughing on a park bench at sunset



Basic technology for a quiet lifestyle. Suitable for 1:1 conversations in quiet, watching television, and conversations on the phone.

Private price:
from $1000 (single)
or $1800 (pair)

HSP Voucher price:
from $0

What’s included in the price for Private clients?
  • A personalised, in-clinic fitting using real-ear verification techniques
  • 3 months of clinical support – including all appointments necessary for adjustment/reinstruction of the new devices to promote user comfort, acclimatisation, and independent management
  • Custom made earmoulds (if required)
  • 1 box (60 cells) of hearing aid batteries (if applicable)
  • 3-year standard manufacturer’s warranty from the date of shipping – covers faults with aid electronics and housing, not custom shells/ear moulds, loss, or damage caused by misuse

If you are not satisfied with the fitted devices after a 30-day trial period, your payment will be refunded*
* Trial Terms and Conditions apply

Please note:

Hearing aids are electronic devices that require maintenance, and your hearing loss and hearing needs are likely to change over time. We highly encourage maintaining a close relationship with your Audiologist to ensure your hearing aids continue to work optimally for you throughout their expected lifespan (average 5 years).

It is reasonable to expect that you will require periodic appointments for hearing checks and hearing aid adjustments. You may also need to purchase batteries and maintenance items to keep your hearing aids functioning properly, or have the hearing aids repaired if something goes wrong. The level of support and hearing aid maintenance you will need is entirely individual.

Our promise is that you will only pay for what you use.

Financial Assistance

You may be eligible for private health insurance rebates or Government subsidies towards your hearing assessment or hearing aids. See our Financial Assistance page for more information.