Signs of Hearing Loss

The most common causes of hearing loss, age-related and noise-induced hearing loss, usually cause slow decline over several years. Often, it’s noticed by a family member or someone close to you before you’re aware of it.

A few signs of hearing loss you should pay attention to include:

  • Often asking people to repeat themselves, or hearing words incorrectly
  • Feeling like you would be able to hear well if people didn’t mumble all the time
  • Trouble hearing in groups or loud environments, such as parties or restaurants (even if you have no problem in a quiet room)
  • Missing conversation if people talk from another room, or while facing away from you
  • Feeling exhausted or frustrated after socialising or listening for long periods
  • Having a “better ear” that you use for the phone or direct towards a speaker
  • Turning your television or radio volume up higher than your family members
  • Missing alerts like your phone ringing, the doorbell, or alarms
  • Tinnitus (noise/ringing/buzzing/chirping in your head or ears)

Recognising and treating hearing loss early can drastically reduce its impact on your wellbeing and that of those closest to you.

Many people dismiss these struggles and often wait years before seeking help. If you’re experiencing any of these signs, getting your hearing assessed is a simple way to learn more about your hearing problem and what can be done to help. Earlier intervention is always better.

Have you noticed any of these signs?

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